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Quilters love log cabin blocks. A Log Cabin block consists of a center square with a series of "logs" sewn around all four sides of the square. Sounds easy, but anyone who has tried to make them knows they are a challenge to get sized perfectly. Our technique has you strip piece each round of oversized logs, then trim after each round and once again at the end. The final trim assures your finished block is the correct size. A beloved technique made even better. What’s not to love!

Traditional Log Cabin Technique Sheet

€ 11,00Prijs
    • One page, laminated for durability
    • Three hole punched
    • Companion technique for Tucker Trimmer 3
    • 24 block variations from 2" to 12" finished
    • Free video demonstration coming soon
    • Left Handed trimdown instructions available for download here
    • Item # DTEC 32
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