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We love using this simple unit to add additional interest to Star 60 designs. This is a great, easy to construct, basic unit that we are using more and more as we continue to work with the Star 60® tool. The unit you make with this technique sheet is sized the same way as the Star 60 unit, so if you want your Capped 60 unit to match up with a 5” Star 60 unit, you’d make a 5” Capped 60 unit.

Capped 60 Technique Sheet

€ 11,00Prijs
    • One page, laminated for durability
    • Companion for Star 60 tool
    • 17 sizes from 1" to 9"
    • Block ideas included
    • Coming Soon: Free online video for unit construction and tool trim down 
    • Left Handed trimdown instructions available for download 
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